Tuuni: Upcycled Goods

Etsy seller Tuuni makes pillows utilizing vintage doilies. I absolutely love her designs!

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Everyday Pretty

Lately I’ve been working on incorporating some of these beautiful and inspiring ideas I see all over the blogosphere into my actual life. Sometimes it’s easy to just get my fill of pretty things in the virtual world, rather than pursuing infusing my own life with beauty on a daily basis. It’s sort of a practice what you preach kind of thing.

Anyhow, this inspiration board has a few ideas that I really love, each which represent something fairly easy that you could do to touch up your space. First up, I love the ice tea display from Sweet Paul. What I love most is the mint, all bunched up together. Mint is so refreshing and a nice addition to your iced tea. It takes only an extra dollar or two to buy a bunch, and with all the leftover leaves, bundle them together with a piece of twine for an instant centerpiece on your summer table.

The next image from 100 Layer Cake is a table with a plank running down the center. What a creative idea, if you’ve got something like that laying around your backyard or your garage! Also, note the branches in the vase at the bottom left from Apartment Therapy. An eye catching centerpiece is usually as easy as running out to your front yard with a pair of clippers and an eye for a few small tree branches! The last picture from Green Wedding Shoes is a little more high maintenance, but I do adore old letterpress blocks. Whenever I’m at the flea market, I’m on the hunt for more. What a fun sweet little addition to your home!

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Bill and Rebecca: A Love Shoot

So what if you aren’t engaged or expecting a baby or a model??? So many couples have outdated photography, dusty wedding albums, and/or a few print outs from your trusty point and shoot camera. I think that hiring photographers to take you out for a session is totally worth doing. And, because you aren’t hiring the photographers for the day like you would for a wedding, an afternoon photo session won’t break the bank. This shoot of Bill and Rebecca by T & H Photography is so spectacular, it may help convince you. There are so many wall-worthy images here.

I say, Love Shoots are totally IN!


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Summer Inspiration

I’m so sorry for my absence last week. Bryan’s family lost his grandfather. You can read more about it here, but for now, I’m excited to be reminded of the little things in life that are worth cherishing and savoring.

Here is a little bit of summer inspiration, that honestly, has got me salivating. I am desperate for a really hot afternoon on the beach. I need some sun and enough heat to warrant shorts and a tank top. This long cold spring has got me really excited for what’s coming up!

Top Four Left: Photographer Helen Pe via Emma’s DesignBlogg via Lieblings Weerke. Bottom Left: Shannon Blue Photography Fine Art on Etsy Top Right: Johhny Cupcakes Middle Right: Caroline Tran Bottom Right: 10th Muse

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Procrastination and Organization

Sometimes, when work needs to get done, all I can think about is how I need to get my life and everything around me organized. It’s how I procrastinate. Lately, I’ve been dreaming about trying to make room in my life for a desk/office space. Currently, I use either my couch, dining room table, or the local coffee shop and library. I’m desperate for my own workspace! Here is some of the inspiration I’ve been drawing from as I envision the perfect office…






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Weekend Treats

Here are a few recipes that you ought to make this weekend…

Mint and Lime Iced Green Tea from One Ordinary Day

Smoked Pork with Rosemary and Brown Sugar Rug from Chase Blackwell

…perhaps serve the pork sandwiches with a side of Quinoa Tabbouleh with Arugula and Saffron from A Table

…and for dessert, these bright yellow Macaroons from Delectable Deliciousness

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Hus and Hem

Online Magazine Hus and Hem featured this house tour and I just couldn’t resist sharing with you. Designer Kristina Stark is responsible for this lovely take on black and white…

By the way, you can purchase that box of matches designed by Kristina Stark here on Swedishness!

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I absolutely adore Hindsvik, which sells vintage home decor and furniture. Check out some of my faves… My list of must-haves is growing exponentially!

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Sweet Sweet Petula

I really think that pampering yourself with lovely, high quality toiletries can add to your feeling of at-home luxury. It’s a simple and often affordable way to infuse sense of extravagance into your everyday life.  That said, I absolutely adore Sweet Petula, who offers simple luxuries for bath, body and home. How delightful. Of course, my favorite part (besides the great value of her items) is the wrapping. I’m not sure I’d ever want to use her soaps!


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Inspired | Feminine Wiles

This collage is unapologetically girly. I do not regret it in the slightest. Please note the following: you will never catch me dead wearing socks with heels. Nevertheless, I do very much love it in the photo. Also, that bedroom is so unbelievably delightful that I find myself at a loss for hyperbolic sentiments. Lastly, I hope someday I’ll have a corner nook in my house so as to provide me me with the necessity for showcasing suitcases.

Sources left to right, top to bottom: 1. 2. Apartment Therapy 3. 100 Layer Cake 4. Design Lovely 5. Design Public 6. Deviant Art

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