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Laced Up!

I love this clock from DecoyLab. It’s so pretty!


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Tuuni: Upcycled Goods

Etsy seller Tuuni makes pillows utilizing vintage doilies. I absolutely love her designs!

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I absolutely adore Hindsvik, which sells vintage home decor and furniture. Check out some of my faves… My list of must-haves is growing exponentially!

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Inspired | Feminine Wiles

This collage is unapologetically girly. I do not regret it in the slightest. Please note the following: you will never catch me dead wearing socks with heels. Nevertheless, I do very much love it in the photo. Also, that bedroom is so unbelievably delightful that I find myself at a loss for hyperbolic sentiments. Lastly, I hope someday I’ll have a corner nook in my house so as to provide me me with the necessity for showcasing suitcases.

Sources left to right, top to bottom: 1. 2. Apartment Therapy 3. 100 Layer Cake 4. Design Lovely 5. Design Public 6. Deviant Art

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Have you seen this season of Zara? Um… super cute!

Zara also has a home line, but alas, if you live in the U.S., it’s not yet available. Let’s salivate anyway, shall we?

Who could we bombard with emails to get availablity over here?

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Grey & White

I could eat this image for breakfast every day.



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