Bill and Rebecca: A Love Shoot

So what if you aren’t engaged or expecting a baby or a model??? So many couples have outdated photography, dusty wedding albums, and/or a few print outs from your trusty point and shoot camera. I think that hiring photographers to take you out for a session is totally worth doing. And, because you aren’t hiring the photographers for the day like you would for a wedding, an afternoon photo session won’t break the bank. This shoot of Bill and Rebecca by T & H Photography is so spectacular, it may help convince you. There are so many wall-worthy images here.

I say, Love Shoots are totally IN!


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5 responses to “Bill and Rebecca: A Love Shoot

  1. I just got married last year so our photos our pretty fresh, but I can’t wait til our 5 year mark or even baby time for photos!! this shoot is great! they seem like they had so much fun shooting!

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  3. Amy Wedde Hedrick

    Awesome pictures of my brother and sister-in-law!!! They should give up the day jobs and just model! The love on their faces hasn’t changed since the wedding!!! What a happy, wonderful couple! Awesome photography also!

  4. Funny, I would never think of doing this, but it is SUCH a great idea!

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