Vintage Cameras

Not only would a vintage camera be fun to play around with (who KNOWS what kind of shots you could get?) but it also makes for a super cute item to put on display. Here are some of my favorite finds:

{Vintage Box Camera from the 1930’s}


{Vintage Spartus Camera}


{Vintage Falcon from the 1940’s}


{Vintage Kodak}


{Vintage Kodak Automatic 8 from the 1960’s}




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2 responses to “Vintage Cameras

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  2. These are some really great finds, it’d be really cool to see the sorts of photos they take. Film photography is hugely neglected. I’m still learning about it all, but like you say, these cameras are cool regardless of their function.

    Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated; I’m just starting a blog about everything vintage, I think you might like it. Check it out?

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